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What Does India’s Poverty Line Actually Measure?
Tracing the Money, and the Masterminds, of Illegal Logging
Rising Fears That Recovery May Once More Be Faltering
Cost of Spain’s Housing Bust Could Force a Bailout
Stitching Lingerie Improves Women’s Lives in South India
India’s Growth Slows to 5.3 Percent
Indian Executives Vouch for Rajat K. Gupta in Court
World Bank Warns Euro Fears May Slow Global Growth
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World Bank Sees a Role as a Consultant
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What Does India’s Poverty Line Actually Measure?
In India, even something as seemingly innocuous as a statistic can become a politically loaded football. So it was with the Indian Planning Commission’s recently released poverty measurements, which showed a big drop. Immediately, the critics pounced, accusing the commission of changing the goalposts. One blogger even suggested that the government had “fudged” the numbers. Those claims turned out to be overblown. The Planning Commission could certainly have done a better job in explaining its new methodology, but it didn’t cook the books.
Tracing the Money, and the Masterminds, of Illegal Logging
Endangered forests and plants don’t get quite as much public attention as endangered animals generally do. Last month the World Bank addressed that deficit by issuing a study, titled “Justice for Forests,” that candidly laid out the problems posed by a “global epidemic” of illegal logging.
Rising Fears That Recovery May Once More Be Faltering
Some of the same spoilers that interrupted the recovery in 2010 and 2011 have emerged again, raising fears that the winter’s economic strength might dissipate in the spring. In recent weeks, European bond yields have started climbing. In the United States and elsewhere, high oil prices have sapped spending power. American employers remain skittish about hiring new workers, and new claims for unemployment insurance have risen. And stocks have declined.

Cost of Spain’s Housing Bust Could Force a Bailout
By any measure, the Spanish real estate boom was one of the headiest ever. Spurred by record-low interest rates, Spaniards piled into holiday villas along the Costa Blanca, gaudy apartments in Madrid and millions of starter homes throughout the country.
Stitching Lingerie Improves Women’s Lives in South India
S. Subhashini’s name means “she who speaks well.” However, the 25-year-old woman, who is from the Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu, has not been able to hear or speak from birth. She overcame her disabilities to get a bachelor’s degree in commerce from St. Louis College for the Deaf in Chennai, a school for the speech and hearing impaired, but she could not find a job after graduating in 2007.
India’s Growth Slows to 5.3 Percent
India’s gross domestic product growth for the year ending March 31, 2012 was 6.5 percent, down from earlier estimates of 6.9 percent, thanks to lower-than-expected performance in “manufacturing, trade, hotels, transport and communication,” the Ministry of Statistics reported Thursday. Growth for the three months ending March 31 was 5.3 percent over a year ago, thanks in part to steep drops in cargo transport and slowing manufacturing, among other factors.
Indian Executives Vouch for Rajat K. Gupta in Court
Rajat K. Gupta, the former McKinsey head and Goldman Sachs director, is relying on character witnesses from India to testify on his behalf in the Galleon Group insider trading case. Mr. Gupta, who is accused of securities fraud and conspiracy for allegedly leaking secrets about Goldman Sachs, changed his legal strategy unexpectedly over the weekend. He originally planned to testify on his own behalf.
World Bank Warns Euro Fears May Slow Global Growth
The World Bank on Tuesday warned that fears about the euro zone had reduced investors’ tolerance for risk, and it urged poorer economies to protect themselves by reducing their debts. In the report, a scheduled update to the bank’s overview of the global economy, the bank forecasts sluggish growth in high-income countries, like Japan, Germany and the United States, in the coming years. It expects more modest growth in the middle-income economies that have been the engine of the global recovery, like China and Brazil. And it sees developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America experiencing slower growth than they have for most of the last decade.
Dispatches from Rio: Keeping Crowding Cities Moving
While the world’s wealthy countries appear to be inching toward “peak travel,” a decoupling of wealth and miles traveled, that is far from what’s going on in the world’s fast-growing cities in developing countries. Finding ways to keep such cities functional — and in particular mobile — as the human growth spurt hits a crest in the next few decades is vitally important if humanity is to experience a relatively smooth journey in what some have called “the century of the city.”
World Bank Sees a Role as a Consultant
The World Bank’s new president, on his first day on the job, said on Monday that the institution would be open to offering technical assistance to crisis-plagued high-income countries like Greece. “There are many situations in which what our member countries want most of all is our technical expertise,” Jim Yong Kim, an American physician and global health expert, told reporters. “There are so many sources of capital these days in the world that that’s not going to be our role, but our role will be to provide technical assistance.”
Gallup Poll: India Worst Country in Asia for Entrepreneurs
Indians’ unwillingness to risk failure has hobbled the creation of small businesses and led the nation to be ranked last in Asia in promoting entrepreneurship, according to a Gallup poll. Government corruption, a lack of capital and credit, and poor technology and training have also impeded the creation of small businesses, Gallup found. Its survey, of 5,000 adults in India from January to March of this year, found that 16 percent of Indian adults own a business and half of those owners are solo operators.
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